The Third International Workshop on Smart Sensing Systems (IWSSS ’18)

The workshop aims to create new concepts to use sensing technologies to computer science and engineering. In particular, integration of heterogeneous sensor data, signal processing for sparse data, device implementation, utilization of web intelligence, domain-specific knowledge in civil engineering / urban policies will be addressed.

Topics of the Workshop

IWSSS’18  is intended to foster the dissemination of research in at least one of the four areas below. Especially interesting will be papers that study the aspects of multidisciplinary topics.


Web intelligence

Architectures for sensor data management in smart cities Semantic reasoning in sensor networks

Semantic sensor context management and provenance Ontology Based Sensory Semantic Knowledge

Semantic sensor networks (SSN), semantic sensor web Semantic Modeling and Annotations of Sensor Data Mashup technologies for the Semantic Sensor Web


Collective Intelligence

Natural Interfaces

Ambient Intelligence

Social Computing Situation-Awareness/Context Streaming Sensor Data Analytics Knowledge discovery

Machine learning

Complex Event Processing (CEP) Agent-based systems, Services, Security


Smart Sensing

Sensing Devices

Context-aware sensing

Compressive Sensing

Communication Protocols for Smart Sensing

Dependability of Smart Sensing Systems Virtualization of Sensing Systems

Human Probes

Middleware for Smart Sensing

Cloud computing for sensor data processing

Sensor Data Fusion

Sensor Device/Data Interoperability


Signal Processing for Sensor Data

Participatory Sensing

Urban Sensing

Large Scale Data Collection

Prototypes/Testbeds/Field Studies of Smart Sensing Systems

Performance Evaluations of Smart Sensing Systems, etc.

Utilization of Drones/UAVs for Sensing



Combining smart sensing and web intelligence techniques

Smart sensing applications for smart cities

Smart sensing and applications in health care

Smart sensing for social infrastructure including bridges and roads

Smart sensor networks for water management

Smart sensor networks and applications in transportation Big data for smart sensing applications